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Best Cold Wallet 2024 - Trezor Model T Review

Introducing a cutting-edge hardware wallet that combines sleek style with top-notch security features, including a vibrant touchscreen, Shamir Backup, and on-device transaction verification. Track your portfolio balance, send, receive, trade, track your coins and confirm every transaction directly on your wallet.

Unboxing of the Trezor Model T 

The Model T comes in a well-designed package with all necessary accessories and detailed instruction guides included. The Model T is equipped with a magnetic docking port that can be adhered to a solid surface, although the practicality of this feature is unclear.
When unpacking the Model T, you will notice that it has a hologram seal that is placed over the USB port. If the packaging is damaged or the seal is broken, it is advised to return the product to Trezor and avoid using it. This may suggest the presence of malicious software on the devices, potentially leading to a loss of digital assets.

What's In The Box 



When it comes to security, the Model T from Trezor is noteworthy. Trezor's dedication to open-source and auditable code allows for scrutiny by tech-savvy users and security experts. Despite vulnerabilities being found in all hardware wallets, Trezor's transparency and efforts to address and compensate for these issues set it apart from competitors.

Setting Up the Device 

The process of setting up the Trezor is simple. Start by visiting, select the device model, and connect it to your computer using the USB-C cable provided.
After connecting the device and selecting the option to create a new wallet, following the alternative to recover an existing one, users will be prompted to install the device's firmware by pressing the "confirm" button on the device.
The Trezor does not have firmware pre-installed for two specific reasons.
  • The latest version includes recent security improvements to ensure your safety.
  • There is a desire to prevent the installation of malicious firmware on devices before they are delivered.
After installing the firmware, the Trezor can be utilized to store and send cryptocurrency. It is important to back up the seed phrase to ensure wallet restoration in the event of device loss. The use of a mnemonic storage device is best practice for this.
Setting up the Trezor Model T involves a smooth process. When setting it up, twelve words will appear on the screen of the Trezor hardware wallet, which need to be written down. Trezor offers a piece of paper for this purpose. Once again we recommend purchasing a mnemonic storage device for keeping words phrases safe.
The device's touch screen is sensitive and user-friendly. To verify accuracy, Trezor prompts the user to enter three out of the twelve previously written words. This is done through a quick multiple-choice quiz. Additionally, users can enhance security by setting a device pin and naming their hardware wallet.

Device & Connectivity 

The Trezor Model T has a unique design that resembles a remote car key rather than a traditional USB shape. Despite the plastic case appearing cheap, it is sturdy and its well constructed durable casing made from a PC/ABS engineered thermoplastic blend. The device features a large colour LCD touch screen constructed with a high quality polymer blend giving the screen easy readability, which is useful for confirming transactions on its user friendly interface.
The Trezor Model T features USB-C support, allowing for connection to mobile devices, a feature not available in its predecessor, the Trezor One.

Good Wallet for Beginners

The Trezor Model T is recommended for beginners in cryptocurrency due to its user-friendly setup and interface, ability to purchase assets and tokens directly through the Trezor Wallet app, and option to exchange assets and tokens within the app.
This unique feature makes it a convenient option for cryptocurrency beginners who wish to avoid the registration process on an exchange for their initial cryptocurrency purchase. This feature is not typically found in other software wallets or even in Ledger hardware wallets. The ease of exchanging or swapping cryptocurrencies is also evident when comparing Trezor to Ledger hardware wallets.
The Trezor Model T is a popular choice for beginners in the cryptocurrency world due to its easy access, simple setup, high level of security. However, it is worth noting that it comes with a higher price tag compared to other cryptocurrency hardware wallets.

9000 plus Supported Coins & Tokens 


Product Details 

Products size & weight 

64x39x10 mm / 22 g
2.52x1.54x0.39 in / 0.77 oz


180 MHz embedded ARM processor (Cortex-M4)

Package size & weight

152x102x20 mm / 92 g
5.98x4.02x0.79 in / 3.25 oz

Operating temperature

-20°C to +60°C / -4°F to +140°F


The Trezor Model T hardware wallet offers a touchscreen, advanced security features, and broader cryptocurrency compatibility, while the Trezor Model One is more budget-friendly with physical buttons and a bright OLED screen for high-definition display quality.
  • How do I transfer funds from an exchange?

To move your crypto from Coinbase to your Trezor, connect your Trezor device, open Trezor Suite, and enter your PIN. Then, select your receiving account and note the wallet address. Log in to Coinbase, choose the cryptocurrency, paste the address, and confirm the transaction. Your crypto will be securely transferred to your Trezor wallet.
  • Why should I use Trezor Model T instead of holding my assets on an exchange?

Storing anything online is risky. Exchanges, which serve as platforms for trading and storing digital assets, are often attractive targets for hackers, susceptible to security breaches, and a high risk of exposing your personal data, including sensitive info. Trezor Model T is keeps the access to your crypto offline, safe and secure.