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      X-SEED PRO offers the most secure and indestructible backup system and solution for your seed key.
      Back up your recovery seed phase securely offline and out of reach from cyber attacks.
      X-SEED is compatible with software as well as hardware wallets.
      Quick, easy and safe setup
      X-SEED PRO allows users to insert the laser-engraved tiles effortlessly, and the 6mm thick structure prevents any bending or warping under high pressure impact such as explosions.

      1.5mm extremely durable Stainless-steel sheets can resist fire and temperature as high as 2649 °F / 1454 °C.

      The engraved or stamped letters would not get damaged or washed away by water.

      In The Box:
      Stainless steel seed storage
      Engraver pen
      Aluminum seed x 1
      Tamper-proof stickers
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