Samsung Smart Doorlock Bluetooth Rim Lock


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      • Unlock your door via a connected smart phone
      • Receive real time arrival notifications when a family member unlocks your door and view an activity log of up to 30 entries
      • An optional 'random security code' to stop intruders from guessing your PIN code

      The stylish and compact Rim Lock offers easy installation and Bluetooth capabilities. Marrying convenience with technology when managing entry to your home.

      The SHP-DS705 Rim Lock offers families peace of mind with the Bluetooth Smart App allowing you to not only be able to enter your home with the App, you will also get push notifications when your family has arrived home safely. Automatic locking allows you to feel secure whenever you leave the house by locking behind you whenever you go out. This can also be set to manual if you're in and out of the house frequently. 

      Installation from an existing deadbolt is a simple retrofit operation. A new install can be completed on a 40-50mm thick door with a minimum of a 150mm lock stile. No additional door frame cuts required.

      Open with your smartphone
      Your smartphone is the door key. You can unlock the door with the mobile app, ‘sHome Doorlock’.

      Check your family’s arrival
      in real-time Check family members safe return on your smartphone wherever you are.

      Check door access history anytime
      Easily check who used the door and when direct from your smartphone (up to 30 records).

      Low battery alert
      The mobile application ‘sHome Doorlock’ will notify you when the batteries are low and need to be replaced.

      Silent access mode
      You can mute the outside key sound when you come home late at night.

      Do-not-disturb mode
      Blocks every attempt to unlock a door with RF key tags, PIN code for your protection and privacy.

      Fire warning
      This mode is activated, by the sound of an alarm when it detects abnormally high temperatures inside your house. Helping you recognize the risk of fire and unlocking itself helping you evacuate.

      Anti-theft mode
      Once you set up this mode, the alarm sounds when a thief tries to exit the door.

      Touch pad randomizer
      Pressing the random two digits is a smart way to prevent would-be thieves from scanning your fingerprints to figure out which digits will open the door.

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