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Ellipal Cold Wallet Review: Ellipal Titan v Ellipal Titan Mini

Founded in 2018, by Two Encryption Technology Experts, with the focus on a one stop solution for cryptocurrency security and the blockchain ecosystem. This company has shown rapid growth within the network of already established companies. Expanding from their Headquarters in Hong Kong, with warehouses now located all around the world, reaching demands of their fast growing customer base.

Taking a closer look at Ellipal's Marquee products, The Titan Cold Wallet and The Titan Mini. Delving into each product with a comparison, at what could be the next big mover in the ever growing Cryptocurrency Ecosystem.


Ellipal Titan 


The World's First 100% Air-Gapped Hardware Wallet, is an impressive while secure product, built from quality materials and a user friendly interface. The Multi Award Winning Cold Wallet was awarded Best Cold Wallet of 2022 by Forbes. 

Weighing in at 340g with the dimensions of 118 x 66 x 9.7mm, this wallet is comfortably easy to hold within the grasp of your hand. Boasting a 4'' HD TouchScreen the interface becomes very interactive with ease of use functions once all the software is updated. It is a nice addition compared to other wallets on the market to have this kind of screen size to match with all its accompanying functions.



The Ellipal Titan provides us with two available colour options, a sleek and stylish Gold Edition along with a Grey Edition which also has its own appeal. Both Versions blend well into the black screen surround, within its Aluminum Alloy Fully Metal Sealed Case. 



Air Gapped

Complete network isolation offline cold storage, built with no online components or ports meaning it can never be connected to any other devices or networks. Giving you absolute protection against any form of remote or online attacks. 


Anti Tamper 

Protects the user of against Physical Attacks 
Private data is automatically deleted once a breach is detected
Protects your keys when device is lost or stolen
Impossible to open without leaving permanent damage
Built upon a strongly sealed metal case
IP65 rated dust and water proof hardware
Resistant to impact and crush


    Ellipal Security Protection System 

    2 Factor Authentication - Requires a PIN Entry and a Password Entry to access the Titan Data face. Auto Self Destruct, another security setting that Ellipal have installed to automatically restore to factory settings when the Titan identifies any form of tampering.  Offline Firmware Updates - All updates are asked to be offline showing security to avoid access to web while updating software, removing the treat of hackers from backdoor entry to the device, another protection with the user in mind. 


    Ellipal Titan Mini 



    Ellipal have developed the Mini with ease of access in mind, providing the user with another option within its ever developing product catalogue. Standing at nearly half the height of the Titan at 75 x 71 x 10.5mm this pocket sized Cold Wallet although a lot smaller from its stablemate, the mini still provides the same technical protection that the Titan delivers.

    Weighing in at 120g with a 2.4inch HD Touchscreen the Mini is also Fully Metal Sealed with a Battery 600 mAh and 50 Hours standby time. 

    100% isolation from the internet protects users assets from online and offline attacks. The unique developed offline firmware updates along with its fully metal sealed Anti-Disassembly Alloy Casing ensures every aspect of use of the Mini is secured. 



    The use of the Built in 2.4M AF Camera allows connectivity iOS & Android devices with the Ellipal Mobile App by scanning the QR code the Titan Mini seamlessly interfaces with the App to help you manage the supported 10,000 plus coins, tokens and NFT's crypto assets securely, easily and intuitively. 



    Comparing Ellipal's Titan and Titan Mini Models, both models have plenty of benefits from the ease of use, well-developed interface, supported software and technical support. Both models can actually co-exist together for those wanting multiple Cold Wallets or a back up wallet. The Titan Edition adds more screen size which is a huge feature compared to other wallets on the market and the ability to clearly see and manage crypto assets is a huge advantage. While on the other scale, the size of the Titan Mini is also advantageous, with the ability to take and use the Mini anywhere you go. Its size allows it to be placed within a pocket or handbag and discreetly used. Both models have plenty of positives but the biggest is the security they provide. Storage of assets safely offline is crucial in the world we live in, with exchanges subjective to crashing, online hacking and threats. A secured device is a must and these two offerings from Ellipal should certainly be on the radar. 


    Frequently Asked Questions 

    • What happens if my ELLIPAL is broken, lost or stolen?

    Users can quickly and easily recover their account using mnemonics on a new wallet.

    • What happens to my coins if ELLIPAL stops all of its support?

    Your account can be recovered with mnemonics on any other wallets that accepts 12 words format. 

    • How many accounts can ELLIPAL hardware wallet hold?

    ELLIPAL hardware wallet can hold from 5 to 10 accounts depending on the size of each account. A single account can hold every currency that ELLIPAL supports. Therefore, there is no need to create a new account for every coin you hold.