CoolWallet S Duo


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      • Two CoolWallet S devices, with one of power cord & power dock.
      • Pair with Android 6 or later, or iPhone 5 (iOS 9.1) or later.
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      • Item will be shipped to Australian Customers via Australia Post Express
      • (1-3 Business Days)
      • Item will be shipped to International Customers via Australia Post international
      • (5-7 Business Days)
      • Hardware

        Wallet Form Factor

        Credit card size 85.6(L) x 53.98(H) x 0.8(T)mm


        Material: 1 metal dome button Feedback: Tactile

        Battery & Power

        Contact Charging: 2 hours to full charge

        Battery Life: Regular Use (~2 Transactions Per Day) roughly 2 Weeks

        Standby Life: 3 Months.

        We recommend you fully charge the device once per month

        Material: Lithium ion rechargeable battery Volt: 3V Capacity: 15mAh


        Bitcoin Specification Supported

        Bitcoin algorithm: Support transaction signing algorithm ECDSA with specified elliptic curve secp256k1

        BIP-32: BIP-32 HD Wallets

        BIP-44: BIP-44 Support multiple coin type and accounts. Each account includes up to 232 external and internal Bitcoin transaction addresses

        Seed Creation

        Seed creation: Generate seed or import CoolWallet seed via App or directly on the card

        OTP Algorithm

        OTP algorithm: OATH HOTP


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